Picture Books

'Picture books enable children to make cognitive leaps between text and picture as they figure out the relationship between word and image. This advances logic, perception, reason...and much more.'
Michael Rosen

Writing a picture book is more than producing words - as an author you have to think of both the words and the images. What do you want them both to say? A manuscript sent in should include a brief for the illustrator per page or double page spread as well as the text.

Some practical guidelines:

 1. Most picture books are a set length - there are usually 12 working double page spreads. Write in 12 paragraphs/blocks if possible.

2. Number of words - no more than 600 and fewer is fine. Try to envisage how the words will sit on the page.

3. Don't use too many complicated words, but don't be frightened to try a few. Beatrix Potter used 'soporific'!

4. Remember it is going to be read aloud so make it sound lovely - try it out yourself and on your loved ones or even on your class.

Please send in the full manuscript with guidelines for illustrations.