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About us

Tyild's Agency has been established by Kate Scarborough in collaboration with Frances McKay of Frances McKay Illustration  particularly to champion the creativity and experience of teachers in the children's publishing world. 

Kate worked in the children’s publishing industry for 16 years across the disciplines of editing, writing and publishing as well as sales and foreign rights. Her move into teaching was driven by a desire to work directly with children and she learnt an enormous amount that would have been invaluable to her publishing! She taught for 13 years in primary and prep schools, specialising in English and Latin. In between publishing and teaching, she founded a magazine for children, raising over £300k to publish it onto the general market. Her experience has given her exceptional insight into what works for children and how to get it to the market.

Frances founded Frances McKay Illustration in 1999. After a career working as a designer and Art Director for a number of major UK publishing houses, Frances decided to become an agent. She had always enjoyed working with young talented graduates as well as established artists and has continued this successfully within her agency.  She works with her artists to develop their careers within the arena of children’s book publishing, both in the UK and abroad.

Finally, the name - Tyild's Agency - Tyild (pronounced 'Tee-eyeld') was the name my wonderful father gave me. He insisted that he couldn't remember all of his children's names and being the third of four, Tyild was how he would call me. I hope to emulate his gentle humour, honesty, integrity and determination, working with a group of talented people who have similar values and with whom I can develop lasting relationships.

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