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Gaynor Andrews

Gaynor is originally from Wales and has taught in primary schools from the westest of West Wales to the eastest of Eastern England. When she ran out of land mass, she caught a plane and spent a decade in international schools in Thailand and France. She has become an expert packer, but is hindered by the inability to get rid of a single book.


She enjoys hanging over the side of dinghies, whooshing down ski slopes and crocheting hot water bottle covers, though not necessarily at the same time. She has four children, the youngest of whom leaves blonde hairs on smart black clothes and has a waggy tail.


Gaynor spent her childhood buried under a teetering tower of books, filling up school exercise books with adventure stories and rattling off poems. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that one she’d written at the age of seven turned out to be in perfect anapestic metre. 


She has run several school libraries, one of them in a red double decker bus, and loves sharing the magic of books with children. Her own stories are woven through with humour, warmth and a touch of magic.

Her debut title is due out in 2024.

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