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Claire Lewis

Claire has taught German and French to children and adults of all ages, but now she divides her time between writing, illustrating and working for her local independent non-profit bookshop, where she is occasionally allowed to draw all over the windows with a set of chalk pens.

She creates funny or lyrical picture book stories in rhyme and prose and is also currently writing a middle grade story. For her illustrations she uses traditional media, then adds a little magic in Photoshop. 

Claire lives in beautiful but muddy mid Devon with her husband, two teenage sons and a charmingly disobedient border terrier. She loves the forests and wild landscapes of nearby Dartmoor, and when she’s not walking, she can be found listening to French singer-songwriters or collecting vintage and modern picture books to add to the teetering towers of books to be found in her home. Although she finds creative inspiration in nature, this does not extend to moths with big hairy legs, which have the power to send her screaming in the opposite direction.


Her poems, illustrations and a short story have been published in The Toy,  PaperBound Magazine, The Dirigible Balloon, Tyger Tyger Magazine and Little Thoughts Press. 

You can see Claire’s illustrations on her website:

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