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Roy Peachey

Roy is the author of The Race, an acclaimed middle-grade novel published by Cranachan in 2021, Between Darkness and Light, a literary novel about the Chinese Labour Corps in World War I, and four non-fiction books. When he is not writing, Roy is usually found having fun with his children, looking after a menagerie of pets which he seems to have acquired by mistake, or teaching in a secondary school in Surrey.


As a child, Roy enjoyed collecting football stickers. As an adult, he collects university qualifications. So far, he has apparently important pieces of paper from four different universities and is hoping to add a PhD from a fifth in the not too distant future. He enjoys reading and writing, quite likes 'rithmetic, and is only slightly miffed by the fact that one of his daughters is now a much better unicyclist than he is.

For more on Roy, here is his website.

Praise for The Race:


'An original, immensely readable take on the Eric Liddell story for the 21st century.'

Sally Magnusson

‘Not your typical happily ever after, Roy has written a wonderfully relatable and inclusive tale, where all are welcome, and the beauty of sport brings everyone together in the end. There are life lessons to be learned in this inspiring story with friendship at its heart.’

Shaunagh Brown, 
International Rugby Player and Former Commonwealth Games Athlete

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