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Jaime Rose

Living in rural Oxfordshire, down a dead end lane with only sheep as neighbours, Jaime lives a rather old fashioned existence.  Trouncing through fields with her notebook in hand she writes picture book stories that mix her surroundings with the magical tales she encountered during her time living in Hong Kong.


Despite having grown up in London, Jaime has chased the rural idyll for most of her adult life, reviewing remote hotels in Asia, working at a whisky distillery in the Cotswolds and making ceramics in a shed down the end of her garden.


Whilst her tutoring years were spent teaching teenagers, it was being locked down with her own two small children that prompted her to start writing stories. What began as an escape has become a career with her two kids now acting as her personal critics, demanding personalised bedtime stories every night.


Further cementing her old fashioned tendencies, Jaime enjoys knitting, reading paperbacks, running outdoors, train journeys and exploring remote corners of the UK.

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