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Emma Clarke

Emma received her first award for writing when she was just five years old. She wrote an epic tale, eleven long pages of detailed and descriptive prose. There was one minor issue though, she had forgotten to add any full stops. Basically, she had written the world's longest sentence!        

Emma Clarke Illustration

Since then, Emma has got to grips with punctuation and has spent the last ten years imparting this wisdom to the youth of today, teaching English and Drama in secondary schools across England and Scotland.

       When she’s not in school or busy writing, she can be found chasing around after her children or hiding from them, so she can eat some chocolate in peace. She also dabbles in children’s illustration and is regularly seen panting and puffing up hills whilst her dog looks back at her pityingly.   

        Based in Scotland, Emma writes amusing and heart-warming picture books. She believes that reading is one of the most important skills you can give to children and she loves cuddling up with her own two and enjoying a good book before bed. She loves it even more once they finally fall asleep!